In the business of water purification

Water Purification

Fenno Water Ltd Oy (FW) is a multinational company founded in 2006 that is focuses on water supply and sewerage engineering for Industrial and Municipal projects. Our skills include process design and the manufacture of water and waste water treatment plants.

FW's offices are located in Helsinki and Seinäjoki. The Helsinki office handles Management and Marketing while the Seinäjoki office and premises handle production and design.

Our main marketing areas among others are Eastern Europe and Finland.


Our equipment is CE-marked. Our manufacturing complies with the following quality standards:

  • SFS-EN ISO 12100:2010,
  • EN 618+A1
  • EN60204-1
  • EN60204-1/A1
  • EN60204-1/AC
  • SFS-EN ISO 9001:2008
  • SFS-EN ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • SFS-EN ISO 3834-4

We are continuously improving our products. Our competitive advantages are quality, detailed design, flexible delivery times and strong know-how in water treatment. 


Factory & machinery

Our factory is a modern workshop equipped with high-quality machinery. The workshop is also designed to handle the manufacturing of stainless steel.

Personnel competence

Our workshop and mounting personnel have completed welding qualifications (tig-, mig and metal arc welding categories) and other required courses relating to occupational safety or hygiene. We also demand the same qualifications from our subcontractors.