Our baseline is always water treatment process designed for customers need and reaching quality demands of purificated water.  Our scope of delivery varies from "Design & Build"-contract to single machine part delivery.



"Design & Build" contract work

We are actualising all-in and Design&Build contracts with strong workmanship and knowhow with co-operation of reliable contractors. Our spesific skills are designing plants and processes and making machinery. We have deliveried plants world wide. The size of plants is varied between Q(dim) 500- 50.000 m3/d.

Modernisation of plants

We are doing modernization works for plants to reach target values.

 Maintenance services

We are supplying maintenance services for our products.

Machinery work

We are working as machinery contractor as consultant is designed for.

Spare & wear parts

We are making and delivering spare and wear parts into our products. When ordering spare/wear parts please specify the project/order number to ensure that we can individualize your need.


We offer all well known automation solutions for our products. We also do automation modernizations. We sell programming and automation services.