Fenno Water Ltd Oy works with a wide range of water treatment – this means that every project is unique. Our processes are always tailored to customer’s needs.

If you want to know more about our references, request the reference list from us:


    Wastewater treatment plant in Merikarvia municipality

    Plant type/project: Renovation and enlargement of the waste water treatment plant

    Construction and process equipment contract

    Commissioned by: Merikarvia municipality

    Year of implementation: 2009–2010

    Capacity: Q = 700 mᶟ/d

    Wastewater treatment plant in Luotsinmäki (Pori)

    Plant type/project:  Final purification flotation, 4-line flotation process, delivery and installation of flotation process equipment

    Commissioned by: Porin Vesi

    Year of implementation: 2009–2010

    Capacity: Q = 40.000 mᶟ/d & q(avg) = 1.680 mᶟ/h

    Pre-treatment plant at the Saarioinen’s Sahalahti production plant

    Plant type/project: Flotation process and sludge drying equipment

    Commissioned by:  Tam Oy (subcontract)

    Year of implementation: 2011

    Capacity: Q = 1300 mᶟ/d

    Organic load BOD₇ = 3,600 kg / d

    Pori Lukkarinsanta reserve water plant

    Plant type/project: Flotation process equipment

    Commissioned by: Peab Infra Oy/Porin Vesi

    Year of implementation: 2011–2012

    Capacity: Q = 12.000 mᶟ/d,  q = 2 x 250 mᶟ/h


    Koivulahti wastewater treatment plant in Mustasaari municipality

    Plant type/project: Mechanical and biological process and sludge de-watering, KVR contract

    Commissioned by: Mustasaari municipality

    Year of implementation: 2013–2014

    Capacity: Q = 400 mᶟ/d

    HKscan’s wastewater pre-treatment plant for the Outokumpu slaughterhouse

    Plant type/project: Flotation, process, instrumentation, electrical and automation equipment

    Commissioned by: HKScan

    Year of implementation: 2015

    Capacity: Q = 400 mᶟ/d, BOD₇ = 3.500 mg/l

    Valkeakoski’s Tyrynlahti water treatment plant

    Plant type/project: Flotation process and limewater clarification

    Commissioned by: Suomen Maastorakentajat Oy

    Year of implementation: 2016–2018

    Capacity: Q = 9.000 mᶟ/d, q = 450 mᶟ/h