Liquid chemical dosing units

We deliver different kinds of storage, dilution and dosage equipment for liquid chemicals. The smallest units dose the chemical directly from transport containers. Liquid chemical dosing units suck the liquid from the transport container and dose the polymer concentration into the piping. Dilution is done by mixing with water in a static pipe mixer.

We deliver vertical and horizontal chemical tanks made of steel and plastic, implementing the dosing pump equipment in connection with them. We also supply horizontal coagulant units that include the storage tank, dosing pump room and transfer pumping equipment from the transport tank into the storage tank in one and same tank construction.

  • for the dilution and/or dosing of solution concentrates
  • suitable for different kinds of chemicals
  • suitable for different kinds water, waste water or sludge
  • A: 800L = solution concentrate tank volume L, A2 = two dosing pumps, D = the concentrate is diluted using water in the pressurised dosage piping
  • B: 40MH = horizontal storage/dosage tank 40 m3, R4 = four dosing pumps placed in the pump house in the same construction as the storage tank
  • C: 20M = storage/dosage tank size 20 m3, V = vertical tank, +3 = three dosing pumps
  • D: 10M = storage/dosage tank size 10 m3, H = horizontal tank, +2 = two dosing pumps
Example of the typeDimensioning [m3/h]
FW 800L A2D0,10 A
FW 40MH + R40,25B
FW 20MV + 30,10C
FW 10MH + 20,10D
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