Propeller mixers

We manufacture different kinds of propeller mixers. Mixers are used for mixing in chemicals in our chemical solution preparation units, whereby quick mixers are used in the chemical precipitation process. Mixing efficiency is adjusted by changing the propeller blade size and adjusting the rotational speed of the mixer.

We also manufacture propeller mixers with propeller blades on two or more levels for mixing deeper tanks efficiently.

Propeller mixers are usually connected to the operating gear with bearing. If necessary, additional bearing can be installed in conjunction with the operating gear. If necessary, bearing can be used at the bottom of deep tanks.


  • wide range of dimensions
  • very suitable for different kinds of water, waste water and sludge
  • number of propellers on the shaft – xx kW, xx r/min
Example of the model
FW Propeller mixer 1P - xx kW, xx r/min
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