Belt conveyors for screenings

The belt conveyor transports the waste from the screens and sieves to the transport platform, container or conveyor system that takes the waste to storage or reprocessing. The belt conveyor consists of an operating drum and an operating gear installed in a frame. A turnover drum is installed on the other end of the conveyor. A rubber belt is used as the transport element. Track rollers are placed under the belt at suitable intervals.

The capacity of the conveyor can be regulated with the belt width and the belt speed. Conveyors are available in different lengths. A belt conveyor can be covered for improved safety.

  • wide range of dimensions
  • suitable for different kinds of screenings
  • conveyor belt width 500–1,000 mm
  • lengths 4–30 m
ModelDimensioning [m3/h]
FW Belt conveyors for screenings1 – 20
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