Closing gates and overflow gates

We manufacture different kinds of closing gates of steel and plastic. The closing gates can be operated manually or automatically using an electrical or pneumatic actuator. The most commonly used model is a closing gate with a closing plate moving up and down. Automatic gates are also available as flow adjustment models with a stepless adjustable actuator. Closing gates can be installed in the channel, at the end of the channel on the wall or into drains. The horizontal closing gate is a model used in special cases. In this model, the closing plate moves back and forth sideways.

The overflow gate resembles the closing gate, but the flow is directed to go over the closing plate. The overflow gate is usually used for adjusting the flow. It can also be used for closing the flow by lifting the plate so high that the flow doesn’t flow over its top edge. The overflow gate is operated with electrical or pneumatic actuators as well.

  • wide range of dimensions
  • suitable for different kinds of water and waste water
  • models: W installation on the wall, C installation in the channel
  • W = channel or opening width
  • H = channel or opening height
  • TWL = maximum water level in the channel or opening
  • S = opening distance of the gate
  • operated manually or automatically with an actuator
FW Manual closing gate C/W/H/TWL/S
FW Automatic closing gate C/W/H/TWL/S
FW Manual overflow gate C/W/H/TWL/S
FW Automatic overflow gate C/W/H/TWL/S
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