Drum thickener/sack de-watering units

We manufacture different kinds of drum thickener/sack de-watering units where the drum acts as the preliminary thickener and the sack discharge the water as the de-watering unit. Bag sizes are 80–1,000 litres. A vessel suitable for the specific use is manufactured for the sacks to discharge reject water into the waste water sewer.

A suitable thickening equipment is delivered for use with these units. The thickening equipment may consist of, for example, a static pipe mixer, pressurised settling tank or a slow mixer fitted with a blade mixer. The sacks are made of jute or plastic cloth.

  • a range of factory-made units 
  • suitable for different kinds of sludge
  • requires polymer dosage in addition
TypeDimensioning [m3/h]Dimensioning [kgDS/h]
FW 400 /1300 + 80 L2,5 50
FW 500 / 2000 + 800 L7,5150
FW 600 / 2500 + 1000 L10200
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