Drum thickeners

We manufacture drum thickeners that operate as preliminary thickeners when the sludge concentration is too low for the next process phase, such as sludge drying, sludge digestion or some other process.

In our drum thickener model, sludge is pumped into the drum. The drum surface is made of polyester or polyamide wire cloth, perforated steel plate or steel wedge wire plate. The thickening drum is washed according to a timer programme.

A static pipe mixer or a flocculation tank fitted with a slow mixer device can be used with a drum thickener. Our product range includes drum thickeners of various sizes according to the required capacity.

  • a range of factory-made units
  • suitable for different kinds of sludge
  • requires polymer dosage in addition
ModelDimensioning [m3/h]Dimensioning [kgDS/h]
FW Drum diameter/length12 – 120 (1%DS)120 – 1 200
FW Double drum within the same frame24 – 240 (1%DS)240 – 2 400
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