Filter belt presses

Filter belt presses are used for the de-watering of sludge. Our devices can be used for the drying of various kinds of sludges in waste water treatment plants, water purification plants and sludge processing plants. A polymer solution is dosed in to the sludge drying process (see “Dosage of chemicals”).

We use a preliminary thickening drum with the filter belt press to improve the drying process. In the case of very low-concentration sludge, we can install two preliminary thickening drums with the filter belt press to improve the thickening process. Our compact device is placed in a protected structure to improve working safety and prevent odours. We provide conveyor systems for transporting the de-watered sludge to further processing or storage.

  • wide range of dimensions
  • suitable for different kinds of sludge
  • requires polymer dosage in addition
ModelDimensioning [m3/h]Dimensioning [kgDS/h]
FW A2 – 20 120 – 300
FW A / double drum6 – 50450 – 750
FW S4 – 75220 – 750
FW SL7 – 75600 – 1 000
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