Flat-bottomed storage silos with rotary or pushing hydraulic scraper discharge unit

We manufacture steel silos for de-watered sludge. The steel concrete silos are made in cooperation with a construction company. The sludge is transported into the silos using helical screw pumps, piston pumps or screw conveyors. Sludge is discharged from the silos using a rotary scraper or a pushing scraper and a screw conveyor.

Both discharge units are hydraulically operated. A hydraulic closing panel that opens and closes automatically is installed on the bottom of the silo. The silo fill level is monitored automatically with surface measurement sensors or weighing sensors. Discharging is done through a plastic discharge sleeve. The sleeve prevents the sludge from splashing onto the walls of the room below the silo.

  • sludge silos are designed on a case-by-case basis
  • suitable for different kinds of sludge
ModelVolume [m3]
FW Silo for de-watered sludge with rotary bottom scraper50 – 220
FW Silo for de-watered sludge with pushing bottom scraper50 – 220
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