Flotation thickening units

Sludge can be difficult to thicken using the customary methods. Foamy sludge rising strongly to the surface is an example of such sludge. Flotation thickening is often used to thicken special sludges. This requires a large capacity of the dispersion water system and very efficient dissolution of air into the water.

We provide special types of dispersion water pumps for challenging conditions. Attention must be paid to chemical precipitation and correct mixing in the case of flotation thickening.

  • wide range of dimensions
  • suitable for light sludges
  • requires polymer dosage in addition
ModelDimensioning [m3/h]Dimensioning [kgDS/h]
FW C With a mixing unit in the middle of the basin5 – 200 (1%DS)50 – 2 000
FW R With a mixing unit outside the flotation5 – 250 (1%DS)50 – 2 500
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