Flotation units for square basins

In this flotation type, dispersion water is prepared by dissolving air into water in an ejector or by mixing air with water in a special pump. Inlet water is brought into a cylinder-shape space inside the flotation reactor from the stirring basin located outside and led into a circular space outside the cylinder through the holes on the bottom of the inlet cylinder. Feeder piping for dispersion water is installed in the circular space for mixing the dispersion water into the water thickened with chemicals.

This flotation type does not use surface sludge or bottom sludge scrapers; instead, surface sledge is removed by elevating the water level in the flotation. This is done by closing or tightening the purified water discharge valves. The amount of surface sludge to be removed is adjusted by the timer programme for the operation of the discharge valve. Bottom sludge is removed through the suction pipes placed at regular intervals on the bottom of the flotation basin. Surface sludge flows into the overflow channels on the surface of the basin when the water level in the basin is higher. This flotation type can be used with smaller and bigger quick mixing and stirring basins. Water can be led from one stirring basin into several flotation basins.

  • wide range of dimensions
  • suitable for different kinds of sludge
  • requires coagulant and polymer dosage in addition
  • detailed dimensioning based on inlet water, waste water or sludge




ModelDimensioning [m3/h]
FW SC100 – 400
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