Flotation units, prefabricated FW-MIL units

We manufacture a standard factory-made model FW-MIL, a flotation unit that can be placed in rectangular steel basins with conical bottom. The bottom sludge is scraped into the pump drain at the beginning of the basin using a longitudinal screw spiral conveyor. Surface sludge is removed with a chain scraper or a rotary horizontal blade/spiral scraper.

Dispersion water is prepared like in our other flotation models. Purified water is led out through the perforated pipes at the end of the basin. The water for the preparation of dispersion water is taken from the end of the flotation process where the cleanest water is available, or from a purified water basin placed after the flotation process. Quick mixing is done in a static pipe mixer, and stirring is done using a horizontal stirring device placed in the stirring basin before flotation. Dispersion water is fed through nozzle piping into the infeed and mixing space located between the stirring basin and the flotation basin.

  • a range of factory-made units
  • suitable for different kinds of water, waste water and sludge
  • requires coagulant and polymer dosage in addition
  • detailed dimensioning based on inlet water, waste water or sludge
ModelDimensioning [m3/h]
FW MIL10 – 200
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