Lamella thickeners

Lamella thickening is used when the concentration of the sludge is very low and the sludge settles very easily. It allows increasing the settling speed of the sludge to decrease the thickening basin area and volume. Chemical coagulant is often used with lamellar thickening.

The lamella of the lamella thickener can be fixed or separate lamella packs. Thickening can be performed in a square, rectangular or round basin made of steel or concrete. The bottom sludge scraper may be a rotary scraper with central traction or a chain scraper.

  • wide range of dimensions
  • suitable for heavy sludges
  • requires polymer dosage in addition
ModelDimensioning [m3/h]Dimensioning [kgDS/h]
FW Lamella thickener for steel basins5 – 50 (2%SS)100 – 1 000
FW Lamella pack thickener20 – 250 (2%SS)400 – 5 000
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