Preliminary clarification scrapers with edge drive

We also manufacture scraper units with edge drive to round basins. The scraper plates are attached to the bridge that rotates around the basin’s central column. The drive sprocket of the rotating bridge is installed at the basin’s wall. The drive sprocket runs on the wall of the basin. The bridge is connected to the central column with bearing. The scraper plates are shaped like a logarithmic curve, or they are straight plate blades installed at an angle. The bridge scraper can also be implemented for half of the basin diameter, the entire basin diameter or for 1/2 +1/6 of the basin diameter.


  • wide range of dimensions
  • suitable for different kinds of water
  • floating sludge removal units are also available for these units
  • for basin diameters 10.0–70.0 m
ModelDimensioning [m3/h]
FW Log or FW P120 – 5 500
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