Steel sand de-watering units

The sand de-watering units are delivered to the site as complete products. The sand de-watering conveyor is installed to the system at the site. A sand de-watering unit differs from a sand separation unit in that the sand/water mixture fed into the unit has already been separated from water once. Sand/water mixture with a high sand content is fed into the sand de-watering unit.

Models H, C and M are equipped with conveyor spirals for the drying of sand. Model MIL is equipped with a conveyor spiral for the transport and drying of sand. A surface sludge removal unit can be installed on each of the types.

  • a range of prefabricated steel sand de-watering units
  • suitable for different kinds of sand/water mixtures
  • delivered with air mixing
  • also available with a separate water washing unit for the de-watered sand




ModelDimensioning [m3/h]
FW H with triangular separator tank20 – 80
FW C with round separator tank20 – 90
FW M with square separator tank20 – 120
FW MIL with rectangular separator tank100 – 500
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