Stirring devices

We deliver slow stirring devices for chemical precipitation processes. The stirring section of the stirring devices consists of a stirring rake. Two, three or four rakes can be installed on the shaft depending on the need for stirring. Stirring devices are available for vertical or horizontal installation. Two or even more stirring devices can be installed in one tank, as necessary.

These stirring devices can be used for stirring very large volumes of water or sludge. The stirring power is adjusted by changing the rotational speed of the stirring device. The stirring device is connected to the shaft with bearings on both ends.

  • wide range of dimensions
  • suitable for different kinds of water, waste water and sludge
  • the model indicates the number of rakes per shaft, the rotational diameter, vertical (V) or horizontal (H) installation, electrical power, rotational speed
Example of the model
FW Stirring device 4/2.200 V- xx kW; xx r/min
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