Storage and dosage silos for powder chemicals

We supply different types and sizes of storage silos for chemical powders. The smallest silos, volume 30–100 litres, are connected to dosage units. The silos of the following volume category are small bag silos with a filter cartridge for chemical dust and a screw dosing device. The volume of these silos is 100–600 litres, and they are placed indoors at the plant. The silos of the following volume category are big bag silos with a volume of 600–1,000 litres. They are also equipped with integrated screw spiral dosage units or transport conveyors.

The biggest vertical silos can be installed indoors or outdoors. The material is selected according to the chemicals that will be used. The silos are equipped with bag filters, a screw spiral dosage unit or a transport conveyor as well as a silo fill coupling for pneumatic filling.


  • suitable for different kinds of chemical powders
  • materials according to the chemical to be used
  • V model silos also for outdoor use
ModelDimensioning [litres]
FW Bag silo for small bags30 – 100
FW Bag silo for small bags100 – 600
FW Bag silo for big bags600 – 1000
FW Powder silo V for loose powder10 000 – 50 000
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