Technical water filtration

We manufacture pressurised suspended solid filters for steel tanks. The filter cylinder is placed inside a pressurised tank. The filter cylinder is rotated during the backwash flushing. The flushing water nozzles are installed on the cylindrical wall of the external tank. Flushing sludge is removed automatically according to the timer programme or pressure measurement. The flushing takes a very short time, only lowering the pressure in the purified water piping for a moment.

We also sell pressurised continuous solid matter filters where the filter surface is cleaned with a rotary brush. This model does not need flushing water because the solids brushed off the filter surface are removed from the filter by the inlet water pressure. In this filter type, brushing and the removal of solids are done automatically, controlled by pressure measurement.

  • a range of filters
  • suitable for different kinds of water
  • filtering capacity 30–1,000 microns
  • capacity/filter tank volume/filter surface permeability
TypeDimensioning [m3/h]
FW Technical water filter 20/140/0.220
FW Technical water filter 30/140/0.330
FW Technical water filter 50/140/0.550
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