Turning dams and stop log dams

We manufacture different kinds of dams used for adjusting and closing off flows.

The turning dam has a dam plate that can be adjusted 90 degrees from the vertical to the horizontal position. These dams can be operated manually or using an electrical or pneumatic actuator. The dams may be very wide and used for the adjustment of even large flows. Such dams can be used for the controlled adjustment of the desired flow into the channel and excess flow into the equalization basin. The dam can be used in various applications.

The stop log dam is a dam assembled of closing plates used for blocking flow in the channel during construction works, for example. Once the work is completed, the stop log dam can be dismantled and reused on another site. The closing plates of the dam are made of seawater-proof aluminium profile. The plates are placed on top of each other in a steel U-frame. The edges of the plates are fitted with rubber sealing, and the complete stack of plates is compressed into a pack of closing plates, creating a waterproof wall. If necessary, the dam can be opened and closed again.

  • wide range of dimensions
  • suitable for different kinds of water
  • dimensioned on a case-by-case basis.
FW Manual turning dam W= width, S = water level height
FW Automatic turning dam W= width, S = water level height
FW Stop log dam W = width, H = height
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